Tukaway Tote

Tukaway Tote is a fun- and easy-to-make bag that takes virtually no room when empty, but can expand to hold tons of goodies when full. It folds into its own pocket for tucking away in your suitcase, car, purse, stroller, all those places where an extra bag so often comes in handy. They're so easy to make and so convenient to have, you'll want to make several for yourself as well as for your family and friends.


The key to Tukaway Totes' strength and pack-ability is in the fabric. Choose a fabric that is densely woven yet fairly lightweight. Most cotton batiks are an excellent choice. Thin nylon fabrics such as Supplex and rip-stop also work well.

Price: $9 (includes postage to U.S. addresses; please email for price outside of U.S.)

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