I discovered ties as fabric while living on a sailboat. Not a lot of room to work or store fabrics, so I worked small. Ties are difficult to work with; the fabric is flimsy and bias-cut, not to mention slippery-slidey. I often paired them with silk dupioni, a difficult fabric in its own right, being tremendously ravelly. But I thought the effort required to tame both worthwhile. Double-shot silk dupioni is particularly rewarding in the final result, with its change of color as the viewer moves position and the light shifts. If interested in purchasing a piece, please contact McKenna.

A Cowboy Goes To Sea, 27"x20" (NFS)


This one was created with my husband in mind, a former cowboy who traded in his boots and hat for a sailboat. If you look closely at the details below, you'll see palms, cowboy hats, sailboats, waves, and a single boot in the quilting.

     CowboyCUhatsPalms   CowboyCUbootWaves

Walter Gets His M.B.A., 33"x20" (wood frame)


Orbs, 20"x20"


Theodore, 37"x19"


Everything's Coming Up Ties, 15"x21"


Herbert, 27"x18" (irregularly shaped)


Jackstands, 17"x25" (sold) (this block is derived from a photo I took, of boats on jackstands in Indiantown, FL)

JackstandsSmaller                 jackstandSmaller

Green With Envy, 26"x10"


National Champs!, 17"x12" (sold)


It's All In Your Perspective, 35"x9", Vintage ties, silks, ribbon, beads, bullets (sold)

Perspective7x2 copy                PerspectiveCU5x4 copy   (detail, lower left)

Smoke Over the Pampas, 22"x14.5" (sold)


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