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This is a fun little project, a "flash quilt," done with an offshoot of the TreadleOn group, QuiltAlong (a Yahoo! group). The block was designed by Captain Dick as a beginner project to teach folks to quilt, and is taught here:

I love simple blocks because they beg the question, "What if?" 

What if I changed the proportions of the basic block from 2:1 to 3:1? (I'll confess this was an accident, I had 6-1/2" in my head, the finished block size, rather than the 4-1/2" I was supposed to cut the rectangular pieces; but hey, I think it worked).

BlockPartyPanel 2682

And what if I bisected both the square and rectangular pieces with a center pinstripe? What if I put the pinstripe just in the squares? What if I angled the stripe rather than making it straight and centered? What if I mixed up all those variations in one panel?

What if I used my machine's 3-step zigzag stitch and flattened and elongated it to make an interesting line, and used that for an allover quilting design? (This is an idea I got from a course taught by Jacquie Gering, have been wanting to try it so why not now?)

BlockPartyQuilting 2683

What if I added asymmetrical borders to the panel?

What if I used the binding as a design element?

BlockPartyOA2 2681

"What if?" is a very interesting question! 

Color Wheel, 26"x26" (framed) (NFS)

ColorWheelW          ColorWheelCU

Flow, 17"x29" (highly textured surface), cottons & rayons couched with rayon and metallic threads (sold)

 FlowSmall              FlowCU

Two Moons Rising & Blue Sea, 2.5"x3.5" (Artist Trading Cards), silks, framed (NFS)

TwoMoons4x3           Sunset4x3

Out There, 2.5"x3.5" (Artist Trading Card), silks, framed (sold)


Three Blocks, 16"x40", cotton, handmade paper, framed (sold)


Eyes of Blue, 12"x30", Artist Trading Cards matted and framed, silks & metalics (sold)


Room With a View, 22"x18", cottons & metalics (sold)


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