Publish Your Patterns! (second edition)

How to Write, Print, and Market Your Design

THE "must-have" book for pattern designers! And while this book is written about the pattern-publishing market, its advice and lessons are every bit as applicable to virtually any small business.


If folks are always telling you, "You should sell that as a pattern," this book can help make your dream come true. You'll learn about:

Getting your design from idea to paper...including how to write great instructions, create a smashing cover, and get it all printed

Determining whether a pattern is likely to sell well

Pricing for profit

Advertising and promoting your patterns...including how to get free "ads" using targeted press releases, tips for doing trade shows within your budget, and getting your business on the Web - with or without your own Web site

Protecting your legal interests...including registering your copyrights, earning your trademarks, and licensing your designs

PLUS, "Publish Your Patterns!" is chock-full of specific company-contact information such as editors, publishers, distributors, suppliers, trade and consumer shows, and networking opportunities--all newly updated in the second edition.

If you've ever dreamed of your own pattern business, this book will tell you what's involved. If you're about to start one, it will help get you off on the right foot. And if you already have one up and running, it will give you lots of ideas and proven techniques for increasing sales and profitability.

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