Davis Vertical Feed Redux

DavisReduxIrons 2286

This is a machine I owned years ago. Through a series of weird circumstances (beginning with the death of the lady who bought it from me), this (and a few others) have come back to me. I didn't even recognize this machine when I got it back, it was in such poor condition. The cabinet was a goner. The machine and irons were incredibly rusty. I spent a good two weeks working on it, and am delighted with the result.

DavisRedux4 2287

My husband and I made the top from a piece of cherry wood that we bought as a table years ago, a table built on a Willcox & Gibbs treadle base. Those irons went to a friend who needed them, and I'd been keeping that beautiful slab of cherry for something special. This was it.

DavisReduxOA 2283

I completely disassembled the irons, de-rusted them, repainted, reassembled. I have it set up in my newest "studio," one end of our "living room" (not in the traditional sense). It's on one side of a large work table, and a Singer 201 treadle is on the other side, giving both treadles flat space for large projects to spill out on. I've also got a card table (Singer 301) set up to the left of the Davis to support the quilt I'm binding.

DavisRedux2 2285

I have a hard time facing a window when sewing, the light dilates my eyes. But this arrangement, with the windows on my side, seems to work well. My favorite sewing "chair" is a weaving bench, with adjustable height.

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