Handmade Books

I'm always getting into something. My latest thing is making books (or is the weaving loom the latest?), after seeing one in a gallery. Coincidentally, Russ had bought a huge lot of leather and leatherworking tools at about the same time, and one piece was just what I needed for my books. So I gave it a try.

My first was just a test, but it wasn't horrible. It's pictured at right and below.


I handstitched the signatures to the leather. The pages were all blank, but I wrapped each signature in handmade paper to add some variety. The experiment gave me confidence to try a bigger project...

This second book was a gift for my daughter for Christmas, 2009. She and I share a love for playing with words, so I decided to make a book that had pictures and random phrases scattered amongst the blank pages.

I found an interesting edge of the hide to use as my front cover, and stitched a loop to the inside to hold a pen, to double as both writing implement and closure.


Inside cover page...


Center of each signature, showing linen thread. These are the blank pages, interspersed with lots of other stuff, such as...


... words and phrases (many taken from three favorite old books of mine, by Damon Runyon, Robert Benchley, and Lucius Beebe)...




... textures...


... colors...


... patterns...


... and of course baby pictures.


It was great fun to make, and I do plan to make more!

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